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Vinegar fermentation starter

Starter culture for the home vinegar brewer.

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The vinegar bacteria were cultured in the VIENNA VINEGAR BREWERY. The usage of the fermentation starter is explained in detail in the home vinegar brewery handbook.

The bacteria are extracted during the fermentation in the VIENNA VINEGAR BREWERY where the “mother culture” is in optimal conditions for storage. The bacteria are still alive in the bottle and are in a kind of dormancy. They are separated from the air and cannot grow. Therefore the vinegar bacteria are in their liquid and natural area of life. Just when the bacteria get access to oxygen they are able to grow and metabolize alcohol into acetic acid.

POSSIBLE ERRORS: If the wine has too much sulphur in it – Sulphur kills the vinegar bacteria; Temperature; too less surface where the oxygen is able to get in contact with the bacteria; adding all the wine at once – the bacteria get an alcoholic shock; the finished vinegar still have a nail polish remover smell (the vinegar should not be consumed because it is harmful to health and sensory unacceptable);

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