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Oil Manufacture

The production of oils is complex and time-consuming, and as with everything Gegenbauer tackles, he puts great importance to quality. It starts with highly aromatic oils from the seeds, like the seeds of raspberries or aronies. The oils of the Viennese oil mill are not cold-pressed, but chilled; this means that the temperature of the seeds is lowered during the pressing process. This way, the precious fragrances do not escape with the warm air, but are completely preserved in the oil. With this pressing, the producer receives less oil than with a cold pressing, but the quality is incomparably high.

Erwin Gegenbauer also treats the raw materials for his aromatic oils with the utmost care. For example, the fruit kernels for the new seed oil line are first laboriously separated from the rest of the pulp in the pomace before they can be dried and then pressed. Only then is the fine oil bottled on the premises of the Wiener Öl Mühle and Wiener Essig Brauerei and finally makes its way to the Naschmarkt or to traders. Fans of the more than 70 different types of fruit, wine or balsamic vinegar can rest assured: vinegar remains a primary focus of Gegenbauer. The enterprising entrepreneur recently launched an exclusive fermentation vinegar on the market, the basic ingredient of which is Pannonian saffron from Austria.

Of course, the quality fanatic has also dedicated himself to the seamless processing of his raw materials - the pulp is of course also used, more details on this at the point  „Wiener Fruchtpresse“.