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Fruit Juice Manufacture

A secret of Gegenbauer's aromatic juices made from a varieties of apples, grapes, quince, cucumbers and tomatoes is called cold pressing. While in industrially produced juices the fruits are crushed under high pressure in order to obtain the highest possible yield – in the case of tomatoes up to 95 percent – Gegenbauer presses very gently without generating heat and the aromas disappearing.

He may only get 45 percent yield from his tomato juice, but will recieve the full variety of flavors. The white color of the tomato juice reflects the gentle pressing, because the red flesh, which only transports color and hardly any flavor, remains in the mash.

The Gegenbauer juices are produced every year on pre-order and are therefore limited. Erwin Gegenbauer is currently accepting pre-orders again for the coming autumn under Some varieties are available in Germany through Bosfood.