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„Was ma eini gibt kommt auch wieder aussa“

A little hazelnut and almond, dark chocolate and caramel, plus an almost floral bouquet – when Erwin Gegenbauer describes the aromas of his unique product range, they don't necessarily have to come from vinegar. Because the Viennese vinegar pope also offers a small assortment of self-assembled coffees roasted on site at the Viennese Naschmarkt. It goes without saying that he relies on the highest quality of the basic products. The reason for the idea of his own coffee roastery was the constantly decreasing coffee quality, so the entrepreneur also roasts beans to new, better flavors. The varieties for the various blends, which are produced only for Gegenbauer, come from the best coffee-growing regions in the world in eleven different countries.

The design line of the coffee reflects the family consciousness: An original photograph from the family album shows Anna Gegenbauer alias Tanne Anni. For more than 40 years, she has been actively involved in the sale of Gegenbauer's acidic products at Vienna's Naschmarkt and is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement.

Gegenbauer currently offers three different coffee blends:

  • Morning is the name of the lightest and brightest roast, which is particularly suitable for aromatic filter coffee in the morning.
  • Naschmarkt, with its medium roasting, is best served in the filter coffee machine and in the espresso machine.
  • Evening is the name of the darkest roast, which produces excellent strong espresso, just as it is very popular in Italy and also in Vienna. Since the temperature of the kernels is highest at the strongest roasting, the acid contained in the beans is best broken down. As a result, the coffee is particularly well tolerated and can therefore also be drunk in the evening without causing sleep disorders.