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Elicit the best aromas from the beans is an unmistakable art in the production process.

In the blends developed during intensive tastings together with the Italian importer Sandali, various Arabica and Robusta varieties combine their taste characteristics and marry to form the unmistakable full-bodied character of Gegenbauer coffee.

In order for the aroma of the coffee to get its final and decisive touch, it is roasted with great care. Gegenbauer coffee is roasted several times a month directly at the Naschmarkt.

The roasting master is Erwin Gegenbauer himself: "Roasting coffee, as we do it, is a craft that requires a great deal of tact and concentration," explains the company boss. "We are dealing with a sensitive raw material. No roasting process is comparable to the next."

Factors such as the temperature and humidity of the green coffee, air temperature, pressure and humidity as well as the operating time of the roasting machine are just a few parameters that make every roasting a new experience. Several times during the roasting process, Erwin Gegenbauer checks the color of the beans in order to be able to ensure a consistently high product quality. However, the best coffee beans are of no use if the quality of the preparation is not taken into account at the same time.