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All over the world top-class chefs are trying to develop recipes with high-end vinegars made from tomatoes, lemongrass, quince or a noble sweet Beerenauslese wine. 

Gourmet chefs such as Daniel Boulud from NYC who holds two Michelin stars or the German Nils Henkel, who has been awarded with three Michelin stars, have all re-discovered vinegar to be a highly aromatic delight for people’s taste buds and are now passionately using vinegars. “Especially the fruit and balsamic vinegars of Erwin Gegenbauer fromViennahave become an important ingredient in my kitchen, particularly because of the enormous selection he offers”, says Henkel. “They can be used to refine almost any product. With goose liver, I preferably prepare with aromatic and sweet P.X, Gegenbauers’s famous and delicious noble sour vinegar”.

“The vinegars activate the palate and add an elegant lightness to the dishes”, says German top chef Tim Raue from Berlin. 

In the high-end kitchens around the globe the acetic gold of vinegar brewer Erwin Gegenbauer is well known as the Rolls Royce among vinegars. The Viennese produces more than 70 kinds of vinegars made out of pure ingredients like tomatoes, asparagus, melon, fig or beer as well as balsamic vinegars and those from different grape variety, expressing their character as well as their wines. In his small factory inViennathe acetic gold is being produced with only the best basic products, a lot of carefulness and high effort. The range of these aromatic vinegars is almost endless. In New York City the vinegars are available at Dean and Deluca (e. g. at Madison Store, 1150 Madison Ave or at SoHo Store, 560 Broadway) or online at Both retailers offer a great choice of GEGENBAUER products from fruit and vegetable to balsamic, special grape varity and noble sour vinegars.