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There are several elaborated specialities, which make living in one of the guest rooms an extraordinary experience. The concentration on transparent handcraft as central element is always in the focus: Jacks are hanging from the ceiling on cords; freewheeling water pipes are regulated with simple tap ware, which is fitted over enamel-wash basins; self-made light switches are operated with metal chains. Despite this conscious simplicity in our guest rooms, we wanted to create a cosy atmosphere with amenities like a good mattress, fine bed clothes and towels ( and a homemade soap – handmade by our brewer Angela using our high-quality oils. We want our guests to experience an antithesis to the surface feeling of the raw and rough materials otherwise used in the rooms. The bed, which is made out of wooden laths without nails or screws, is placed in the middle of the resting area. As central element of the room it combines a shelf and desk as well as a cantilever arm for a kids mattress.

To offer guest rooms in our vinegar brewery is a logical development to bring all our products together: We serve our home roasted coffee, our beer – WIENER BIER – and apple juices from old breeds; the guests can savour our honey from the bees living on the balsamic-vinegar-terrace as well as bread, which we bake utilizing the precious residues of our oil production; we also serve our guests alpine - cheese and butter made in moulds designed by the artist Paul Renner; our guests are welcome to use our vinegars and oils for cooking their own lunch or dinner. Meeting point for all these culinary experiences is the big wooden table in our kitchen next to our little shop.

In our garden on the terrace in our inner yard guests can relax while watching our chicken.  We populated our henhouse some years ago. Now our guests can grab their own breakfast-egg and soon herbs and vegetables for their omelette. Furthermore our guests can use the swimming pool area and sauna on the 2nd floor of our house.

In an original storage area of the brewery, covered by a concrete rib ceiling from the 1960s, there are 5 new guest rooms. Materials that were not used at various construction sites in recent years were used in this project. The boundaries of the rooms and sleeping quarters were located with structural steel lattices and in addition the grid space was compacted with straw – thus creating the decisive spatial structure. Profile bar plates, shelves, profile glasses or lighting fixtures are hung or integrated into the lattice structure – a structure as a possibility of location. cables, pipes and wiring are open inside the room. We use the medium of straw, as a historical element of a sleeping place and, in general, the sedentaryness of man, whose stay as a temporary disappearance from everyday life.