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Actually, beer consists of only a few ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. And yet it is a drink that could not be more diverse! A truth that the industry, which floods the market with Einheits-Pils or Märzen, has long since forgotten. Not so with the WIENER BIER BRAUEREI. The Viennese vinegar pope has been looking for the perfect beer for years, but has never been able to find it. So he decided to brew craft beer himself! At first, he wanted to start as an itinerant brewer and lease a different brewing system each time, but because of the logistical difficulties it became clear that he needed his own brewing plant.

Soon after, the WIENER BEER was born, our interpretation of this highly prized drink, which cannot be divided into any categories. The raw materials for the WIENER BEER are emmer and einkorn, ancient grains that are grown at the Haschahof in Vienna's Favoriten district. They are the ones who give the WIENER BEER not only its taste but also its name, because except for the hops, which come from the Mühlviertel, all ingredients come from Vienna. Learn more about these fascinating ancient grains in the chapter Production!

As soon as you open a bottle of WIENER BEER or sniff the white wine glass, floral hop aromas and fruity clove and raspberry notes will flow towards you. You swirl the wine glass, sniff and enjoy before taking a sip. The drink is dominated by a full-bodied grain taste. This is accentuated with delicate roasted aromas reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate. The full malt body is balanced by a strong hopping, as well as by soft hints of resin, herbs and berries. In the end, the full-bodied notes of emmer and einkorn, which make up the heart of this special beer, are absorbed.

"A beer with two hands and two feet", as beer journalist Conrad Seidl called it during a visit to us. A drink that should only be enjoyed in a white wine glass.

A noble house also deserves a fine beer. That was the ulterior motive behind the creation of the VIENNA BEER PARK HYATT, a beer brewed exclusively for the Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna. It should be elegant, palatable and yet complex, like a fine champagne. In contrast to the WIENER BEER, the WIENER BIER PARK HYATT has no roasted notes. But it scores with a unique, silky creaminess and gentle perlage. Fruit esters of the yeast and floral aromas of the hops combine and all this is accompanied and contrasted by the grainy and pithy character of the malts.

Get to know our range of beers! Taste, evaluate and enjoy the individual brews. Let's discuss about each batch. Because one thing is always certain with us: every brew tastes unique!