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Flask Noble Sour PX, 100 ml

Elegant bottle packaged in a lovely gift box.

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The basis for this elixir is a Spanish sweet wine from the grape type Pedro Ximenez, from the year 1996, which was exclusively for us made in Spain.

This specific wine, being mainly used for “cream sherry”, gets injected with an especially cultured vinegar bacteria. The fermentation takes place during a constant control of the temperature and the oxygen supply, to guarantee optimal living conditions for the bacteria. During those decisive stages of the fermentation the vinegar brewer will be present around the clock. After the fermentation has ended, the product will mature in small oak barrels.

According to the law, this product is not considered to be a vinegar, since it contains less than 6% acidity. Therefore we decided to call it “Noble-Sour P.X.”. The wine possesses a very high predicate, making it full-bodied with plenty of sugar remainders. This wine’s natural sugar gets preserved during the acidic fermentation. It is difficult, since the aggressive vinegar bacteria like to affect the sugar. A spirituous fermentation could happen as well, by transforming sugar into alcohol and then into acetic acid. The result would be a sour slop. Only by constantly regulating the temperature and the oxygen supply the harmony between acidity (acetic acid) and sweetness (the wine’s natural sugar) can be accomplished. Of course, for this product we do not need any additives.

This product is excellent to enjoy it pure. The best way to enjoy it, having it slightly cooled and drunk from a small liquor glass. We recommend to consume this delicacy as a digestive instead of a liqueur or liquor, it makes a worthy, alcohol free finish to a meal. For especially delicious sauces: loosen the frying remainders from the pan by adding water; let evaporate; add desired stock to it; take from the heat; mount it with cold butter and season with a few drops of the “Noble-Sour”.

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