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Bouvier Archiv, 100 ml

A total of 3 liters that are obtained from four barriques of our Noble Acid Bouvier Reserve, vintage 2003.

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The basis for this privat collection is a Bouvier Trockenbeerenauslese from the Tschida winery in Apetlon, which has been fermented to 3% mild vinegar. 

But how did this black treasure come about? After twelve years of maturation in the barriques, the barrels were cleaned. After the Noble Acid Bouvier Reserve was withdrawn from the barrel, 3 liters of this creamy, deep black and wonderfully fragrant liquid remained. In this long guarded stock, the full variety of aromas of the balsamic vinegar is so concentrated that even small crystals are formed. 

What awaits the connoisseur? As with the opening of a long closed archive, the attentive taster unfolds the concentrated taste of a long preserved treasure, in which the memory of its origins, the warmth of tradition and meticulous craftsmanship are reflected. 

The original grape Bouvier is one of the aromatic varieties comparable to Muscat or Traminer. They are all particularly suitable for high predicates, such as Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese. The preservation of the old grape variety is very close to Erwin Gegenbauer's heart. Like a taste archivist, he wants to preserve and cultivate the cultural heritage of the old varieties entrusted to him and maintained by him and now reveal it as a unique taste experience with this product. "Please keep this delicacy away from the culinarily uneducated!". 

The deep black, inky Bouvier Archive first beguiles with its scent of dried plum,chestnuts, sour cherries and chocolate. Resinous and earthy in taste, the creamy liquid reveals aromas of beech bark, grape blossom and dried plus on the palate. The taste of tart blackthorn remains. 

Ingredients: Sour wort from grapes

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