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WIENER BIER is a composition made of einkorn and emmer wheat, hops and our own house yeast.

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The WIENER BIER is a strong ale made from unique malts that were grown directly in Vienna, in it’s tenth district. The rare grains Einkorn and Emmer wheat give the beer its foundation. Emmer and Einkorn wheat are old grains and the predecessors of modern wheat. While they give less yield than modern grain varieties, they are packed with proteins and minerals, that give them a spicy and nutty flavor. In ancient times, Emmer and Einkorn wheat were popular ingredients in beer and only disappeared because barley and wheat were cheaper and easier to cultivate.

The hops for this beer, an old austrian variety, comes from the Mühlviertel, the northern region of austria which is known for its soft hills, cool climate and granite soil. It is there that the hops develops its characteristic flavours.

The brewing process for the WIENER BIER follows a single infusion mash. Later, a top fermenting yeast is pitched and the WIENER BIER is left to ferment in pressurized tanks. After primary fermentation is over, the beer is cooled down and a bottom fermenting yeast is added for final fermentation and carbonisation. The whole brewing process is not computer-controlled. We want every single brew to taste unique and encourage discussion about the differences.

To protect our beer from temperature changes, it is packaged in a thick layer of paper. When opening the bottle, it is best to leave the layer intact, because then the beer will keep perfectly temperated for many hours.

The WIENER BIER is hazelnut colored and turbid. It’s texture is creamy and slightly viscous. When it is poured into the white wine glass, a foam crown made of small bubbles forms. The esters formed from the top fermenting yeast give powerful fruity and spicy aromatics, which can only be appreciated in the open form of a wine glass. After sipping, the esters mix with the full body of the malt and strong bitterness oft he hops. The tongue baths in roasty, malty and even savoury notes that stay in the mouth for a long time and allow you to explore all the different nuances of this beer. A hint of sweetness will be present and in balance with the bitterness of the hops. Soon, you will lust for the next sip. This beer has only one problem: When you start to drink you cannot stop anymore.

Color: dark hazelnut
Aroma: raspberry, cloves, hops
Yeast: top and bottom fermenting yeasts from our own yeast bank
Alcohol: between 5 and 6%
Gravity: between 14 and 15°P
Best served at: red wine temperature
WIENER BIER is a perfect companion for any meal, from starter to desert.

contains gluten

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