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Beer Noble Sour 2015 0,33 Liter

Beer Noble Sour

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What does the name Noble Sour Beer mean?
Noble Sour is the name of some of our balsamic vinegars, and like them also the rare Noble Sour Beer was stored in balsamic vinegar barrels for a year. During this time, the micro-organisms in the barrel - wild yeasts, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria - refined beer and an abundance of flavors produced: sweet fruity notes of cherry and plum, clear acidity, and spices. The base product of the Noble Sour Beer was brewed at 25 ° Plato original gravity of dark beer, which was fermented with three different yeasts, before it was filled in the balsamic vinegar barrel. It is a purely natural top class sour beer, where every mouthful offers new taste experiences, a beer for lovers and connoisseurs, but also adventurous.

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