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Chili Seasoning Oil, 250 ml

A novelty from our VIENNA OIL MILL.

15,00 €

incl. VAT 10%


The chili we use for this new oil comes from Hungary, a country bordering Austria in the east.

Sunflowers are ground together with chili. From that we produce the Seasoning Oil using a special cooled presssing method.

There is a huge difference between direct oils, like we produce, and traditionally flavoured oils, in which case the flavours are added after the production of the oil. In the latter case it is often necessary to add artificial flavours in order to boost the taste, which are, in most cases, unfortunately chemical. Direct oils have authentic, distinctive tastes that could never be reached by applying traditional methods. In addition to that, they are more long-lasting and heat resistent.

- to drizzle onto pizza and pasta - a few drops on „Chili con Carne“
- on fresh sheep or goat cheese
- for Asian cooking, e.g. Thai, Japanese
- for barbecued meat, fish or seafood
- for the refinement of spicy dips
- on chocolate mousse

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