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Vinegar-Mother White Wine, 100 ml

Ask for apple-, white-wine- or red-wine-vinegar-mother!

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During a fermentation in our WIENER ESSIG BRAUEREI bacteria (= Mother-of-Vinegar) are taken out at a point where they are specially suitable to be stored. The bacteria keep on living in the bottle. They maintain a kind of hibernation. Since the bacteria are kept away from the air, they cannot multiply The Mother-of-Vinegar is in its fluid habitat. Only when the bacteria get revived (them receiving oxygen) cellulose will develop (meaning that the Mother-of-Vinegar gets more compact, a spongy product).

POSSIBLE DRAWBACKS: - Wine has too much sulphur – sulphur kills the vinegar bacteria - Temperature, not enough surface, hence not enough oxygen supply - Pouring wine too fast – the bacteria suffer an alcohol shock - Mother-of-Vinegar, which has developed cellulose, floats on the surface and develops fungus - finished vinegar still has the „nailpolish“ smell (this vinegar must not get consumed, since it is dangerous to ones health, and from the culinary side it is not acceptable)

Application: Use a wide open container, add half a liter of sulphur-free wine and inject it with the bacteria culture. The outside temperature should be a constant 26 °C. After a few days a new culture will develop on the surface, a thin skin, covering the surface like a spiderweb. Again pour another half liter of wine, and after a few days one liter. When the fermentation succeeds satisfyingly, the amount can alwas be doubled by adding new wine. A good fermentation proceeds when the fermeting liquid gives off heat and a stingy smell („nailpolish remover“). Gradually cellulose (= Mother-of-Vinegar) builds up on the surface, which should be pushed down to the bottom. After the fermentation has finished, the Mother-of-Vinegar should be stored in its own vinegar in a closed container, to be added again to wine when neeed arises. Store the vinegar in closed containers or in wooden barrels and age for a long time. The older the vinegar, the better it will become. Vinegar never can get too old.

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