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Early Balsam Archiv 1998, 100 ml

A residual stock of 50 litres has been maturing in the private cellar since 2004.

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The apples from the Early Gold variety are harvested at the peak of ripeness at the Harmer estate in Stripfing ( approx. 25 km north- east of Vienna), sorted out, gently pressed and delivered to our vinegar brewery. 

After simmering for days at a gentle temperature, the aromas and sugars contained in the fruit concentrate.  The reduced juice is pouredinto barrels and brought to alcoholic fermentation. If the desired alcohol level is reached, we aerate the wine obtained and inoculate it with a single varietal vinegar bacteria culture ( = vinegar mother).  At the end of fermentation, the young vinegar is aged in oak barrels. We expose the barrels to the weather, which means that the vinegar can "work" with the seasons. In winter, a kind of hibernation occurs, in summer liquid can evaporate through the pores of the wood, due to the high temperatures, which reduces the volume from year to year and the vinegar becomes more and more "chubby".

This Balsamic Vinegar is not matured in several types of wood, as is the case with the classic balsamic vinegar. We believe that a type of fruit or wine should only mature in one wood. Where several grapes varieties are used for balsamic vinegar, several types of wood should also be used. The EARLY GOLD variety is characterized by mild acidity and few fruclasts and high aroma content in the fruit. We call him the "straight forward one". 

This balsamic vinegar went on sale between 2003 and 2004. A residual stock of approx. 50 litres ended up in the private cellar and matured in a glass ballon untilc 2014. 

"Please keep this delicacy away from the culinary uneducated!", Erwin Gegenbauer. 

Ingredients: Sour Seasoning from apples 

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