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Balsamic Crystals, 20 g

Diamonds of the Balsamic Vinegar Balsamic Crystals are a result of the unique manufacturing method of Gegenbauer balsamic vinegar The taste of Balsamic Crystals requires a trained palate.

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Gegenbauer Balsamic Vinegar is is made out of pure grape juice. The grapes are harvested in the best vineyards in Austria. This grape juice is boiled to a natural concentrate and subsequently fermented into sweet wine.The wine is fermented into vinegar using proprietory bred cultures of vinegar bacteria. The vinegar matures in wooden barrels located on the open roof of our company facility. The long stay of the barrels in the open air results in a special maturation of the vinegar: In winter (low temperatures) the vinegar „sleeps“. In summer, the temperature inside the barrels becomes higher than the environment. The high temperatures lead to an evaporation of the water contained in the vinegar, through the pores of the wood. When cleaning the wooden barrels every 10 years, a small amount of „Balsamic Crystals“ is recuperated.

The taste of Balsamic Crystals requires a trained palate and they can be enjoyed with all senses.In the beginning the crystals have a very tender flavour. The finish is intense due to sweet acidity. They are interesting for palate due to crystalline consistency. When biting into the crystals there is an intense haptic experience.

Working with Balsamic Crystals is a great challenge even for the best chefs in the world, because Balsamic Crystals can be utilized in many different ways. There are no limits to creativity. Examples of successful use of Balsamic Crystals: - with raw fish - on ice cream - Crème Brulée becomes Crème Cristal

The crystals contain: - fruit-acids - small quantities of natural sugar - flavours of the specific type of grape - various minerals - trace elements - vitamines

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