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Black Salsify Soup

Shopping list

1 l water
1 tbsp. flour
4 tbsp. Pear Williams Vinegar
800 g black salsify
3/4 l fresh water
1 pinch salt and sugar
25 g soft butter
some flour
125 ml Neuburger White Wine
1 pinch salt and sugar
white pepper, freshly ground
nutmeg, grated
4 tbsp. Pear Williams Vinegar
50 g walnuts
100 g sweet cream
2 tbsp. Walnut Oil


1 l water mix with 1 tbsp. flour and 4 tbsp. Pear Williams Vinegar in a bowl.
800 g black salsify brush well, peel, cut into halves and put into the flour-vinegar-water.
Cut the black salsify into pieces of 5 cm, lay them into 3/4 l fresh water with 1 pinch salt and sugar and let it boil in a covered pot for 25 min. until soft;
25 g soft butter kned with some flour.
Mash the cooked black salsify in the cooking water with a mixer and pass them through a sieve. Add 125 ml Neuburger White Wine and stir in small lumps of the butter-flour-mixture.
Season with 1 pinch salt and sugar, white pepper, freshly ground, nutmeg, grated, 4 tbsp. Pear Williams Vinegar, 50 g walnuts chop and roast in a pan without the use of fat.
100 g sweet cream whip and stir into the soup.
Garnish the soup with the roasted walnuts and finish with 2 tbsp. Walnut Oil.

serves 4