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Bouvier Selected Harvest White-Wine-Vinegar, 250 ml

Natürliche Trauben- und Fruchtzucker, wie sie in diesem Weißwein-Essig aus der Bouvier-Traube, Prädikatsstufe Beerenauslese, enthalten sind, geben dem Essig seine spezielle Note.

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The pure quality wine with the predicate “beerenauslese” originates in Apelton in Burgenland. According to our guidelines, it was fermented by an experienced wine-grower directly on the winery’s premises.

From this wine we have cultured a pure quality vinegar bacteria, with which we later on injected the wine. The vinegar fermentation takes place while supervising the process. The temperature and the oxygen supply are constantly watched, to guarantee optimal living conditions for the bacteria. Thus, one of the conditions is given to accomplish a high quality. When the fermentation has ended, the young vinegar will be stored in small oak barrels, the sediments get removed several times, and afterwards it matures in carboys.

Since the wine contains the natural sugar remainders, they still can be found in the vinegar. Therefore, a wonderful harmony between acidity (acetic acid) and sweetness (natural fructose) in the vinegar gets created.

Wine vinegar is already known since the antiquity. In Austria’s former crown-estates it became customary to sweeten the salad dressing. Even today, in Eastern-Austria the salad gets “refined” with sugar. Yet, why do we need refined sugar if vinegar contains the grape’s natural fructose? That is how the idea developed, to create vinegar made of sweet wine.

1-2 tbsp. vinegar in 1/8 l tab water or mineral water, or a few drops mixed with sparkling wine. - To marinate for several days raw fish, meat, fruits, vegetables - To drizzle over fried fish or blanched vegetables - On blue cheese - On pies and chocolate cakes - Over “Topfenpalatschinken” (pancakes filled with cream cheese) - On ice cream - To refine sauces, made form the crusty remainders of fried fish or meat: discard drippings; add wine and let reduce it; add the stock of your choice, simmer it slightly; take off pan from the heat source, mount with cold butter and season with beerenauslese.

6 % acetic acid

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