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Blueberry Vinegar, 250 ml

Frisch gepflückte Waldheidelbeeren bilden die Grundlage für diesen Fruchtessig.

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The blueberries come from Styria, where they are harvested at 1.600 m (5.248 ft.) above sea level. On the day of their picking, the blueberries are delivered to Vienna, where they are gently pressed and, using pure cultured yeast, are brought to a spirituous fermentation.

After the fermentation and a maturing period, we injected the wine with a pure cultured vinegar bacteria, whereby the temperature and the oxygen supply were constantly watched, to guarantee optimal living conditions for the bacteria. To obtain the highest quality, the perfect conditions must be met. After the fermentation period, the vinegar is stored in carboys, sediments are removed several times, and subsequently it matures in carboys.

Due to the rough climate in which the berries ripen, the natural fruit acids become more intense, which is clearly present in the taste of the vinegar. As a result, the typical flavour of the blueberry is clearly defined.

We know only a moderate amount with regard to classically produced blueberry vinegar of the past.

1-2 tbsp. vinegar in 1/8 l tab water or mineral water, or a few drops mixed with sparkling wine. - To marinate for several days raw fish, meat, fruits, vegetables - To drizzle over blanched vegetables - To drizzle over well fried innards and venison - On hard cheese - On pies and chocolate cakes - Over “Topfenpalatschinken” (pancakes filled with blueberry jam) - In fruit salads instead of lemon juice - On ice cream - To refine sauces, made form the crusty remainders of fried fish or meat: discard drippings; add wine and reduce; add the stock of your choice, boiling it down; mount with cold butter and season with vinegar.

5 % acetic acid

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