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Asparagus Vinegar, 250 ml

Fruchtessig, der aus dem aromatischen Saft von weißem Spargel hergestellt wird.

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Fresh harvested asparagus from Sulzmann in the Marcheld, Lower Austria, was hand selected, peeled, carefully pressed and spirituously fermented into wine.

Before the asparagus wine gets injected with pure cultured vinegar bacterias it will rest for one year, still containing its yeast, whereby the typical asparagus aroma develops specially well. The vinegar fermentation takes place while supervising the process, therefore guaranteeing optimal living conditions to the bacteria. Thus, one of the conditions is given to accomplish a high quality. When the fermentation has ended, the young vinegar will be aged for two years in carboys before it gets offered in its natural, unfiltered, and unpasteurised state to the consumer.

The asparagus belonging to family of perennials and counting as an asparagus shoot, it was a challenge to ferment an unadaulterated asparagus vinegar, without using the aide of aromas or simply by adding asparagus to wine vinegar. This asparagus vinegar is of such incredible intensity, that one should use it rather sparingly to season food, except one wishes a strong asparagus flavour.

1-2 tbsp. Vinegar in 1/8 l tab water or mineral water, or a few drops mixed with sparkling wine. - To marinate for several days raw fish, meat, and vegetables - Excellent over fillets of fish - On classic asparagus dishes such as asparagus with ham, or omelette filled with asparagus - In asparagus casseroles - To drizzle over blanched white AND green asparagus Spray over cream cheese with herbs or cottage cheese - To season asparagus or pasta salad - In classic sauces such as: Hollondaise, Bernaise, Maltaise, and butter sauce

5% acetic acid

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